Christmas, payment plans & discount code!

I'm not going to make apologies... I'm going to talk about Christmas! (And also payment plans and a little early Christmas gift from me to you!)

(If you want to skip ahead to the discount code, it's at the bottom!)


You heard me right, Christmas. Not the "C word" or C*****mas or any of that but simply Christmas. It feels ages away right? In fact it's three months today, which is quite a long time I totally get that. BUT. Before now I've had to shut shop six weeks before Christmas, which means that there may only be six weeks until I'm completely flat out. So I'm now officially OPEN for Christmas orders, and the sooner that you can get them to me the better. I have had to turn away Christmas orders in the past and I really don't like having to do that. 

I also have a couple of other things to tell you (and they're good, I promise!). First up - if you didn't get the memo (I may have already mentioned this on my insta stories) I have now set up a monthly payment plan on the website to help you to make a purchase. So this is how it works... You do your shopping and upload your images to your order as usual, and then at the checkout you will see the usual payment options of paying by credit or debit card or Paypal, and then there is also now a new option called "Laybuys". When you've selected this it will take you though to another screen (I'll pop a screenshot below this one) where you can select your deposit amount and the number of months that you would like to pay it over. 

Here is where you select the number of months and the deposit amount. 

And so currently it is set up so that you can pay over 1 - 4 months, with a minimum deposit of 25% or maximum 50%. Then once you have paid your deposit you will receive automated emails asking to make your payments (it's all very simple I promise!). I'm hoping that this might help out a few people and am pretty excited about the payment plans!

A little note if you are considering using this for Christmas.
Due to the nature of my work being entirely handmade and time being an issue in the run up to Christmas, the deposits will be non refundable. This means that I can start work on the orders asap. I will keep the orders until the final payment is made and then will post them out to you. I strongly suggest that the payment plan is paid off by the end of November to give me enough time to make sure that the piece is made and posted to you in time for Christmas. 

And last but not least, a little early Christmas gift for the organised shoppers among you! Use the discount code DAISYTHEELF by 30th Sept to save 10% on any Christmas orders. (Please note that you may not receive an order with this discount until nearer Christmas).

Daisy x