Christmas round-up!

Hello! And a very happy new year to you! I hope that you all had nice Christmas breaks. I actually managed to switch off for a few days which made a pleasant change, anyone who knows me would tell you that I’m constantly on the go! I did do a heck of a lot of making in the run up to Christmas though so maybe you lot tired me out! Which I am super greatful for and so a big thank you to everyone who has helped me to keep so busy!

I thought that I’d try to squeeze my makes from the last couple of months into one blog post because there are quite a few! I won’t call them “Christmas makes” because they weren’t all Christmas presents, but they were all top secret! I’m armed with some notes and so hopefully I will be able to tell you a bit about the jewellery that I had the pleasure of making. And so in no particular order…















This piece was a charm for a bridal bouquet. It was ordered by a lady who had very sadly lost her husband in 2016 and to be gifted to her niece who was due to be married at the end of December in America where she lives. The handwriting is that of her husband's (and so the bride's uncle's handwriting, who was also her godfather). This way she could carry a little piece of her special uncle down the aisle with her on her wedding day.The idea is that the charm is tied onto the bride's bouquet stems using a piece of ribbon or string, and of course can be added onto a necklace afterwards or kept in it's box as a special keepsake of the day.

I hope that they had a wonderful wedding day and send my congratulations!

This story of loss really struck a chord with me as I too got married last September, and my uncle who I thought the world of had also passed away (although longer ago). Sometimes I guess people do find that they can really relate to these special pieces of jewellery, and this time I really got it.

This bracelet was a Christmas gift for the customer's gran in their late dad's handwriting.

A special keepsake pin for a groom to wear on his wedding day in his late mum's handwriting, a gift from to his partner on their special day.

The following necklace you may well have seen on my Facebook page. The lady who received this necklace for Christmas very kindly got in touch and sent some photos along with her story.

"Hi Daisy
I received a necklace made by you for Christmas from my husband. The most precious gift I could ever receive! My story is - My father died when I was 7yrs old.... Then my Mum died when I was just 15..... The handwriting my husband sent to you was from the last card I received from her on my 15th Birthday ! That was 27 years ago now. As soon as I unwrapped the necklace I knew what it was, when I opened the box I was overcome with emotion! I’d like to thank you for bringing the last piece of handwriting of hers alive. I absolutely love it "

It is always so nice to receive emails like this, it makes it all feel worth while!

Time for a drawing I think!

A family portrait necklace, inclusive of pets! Well they are family after all! Am I right?!

Here is another necklace, this time written by a little one instead of drawn.

This was a gift ordered by a lady from her little one to be gifted to their grandma for Christmas. They don't come much sweeter!

This is another that you may have already spotted on Facebook, but I just can't leave it out!

This bracelet was both a Christmas and wedding gift in one. It is made from late Grampa Hans' handwriting, along with a heart charm that was drawn by the recipient's (bride's) mum. A very special way to keep a lost loved one close on such a special day.

Just in case you have spotted that the writing looks a bit distorted, that is because I curve the longer pieces of handwriting for bracelets so that they sit on the wrist nicely. You can see it more clearly below.



I'm just going to pop a few more quick ones below!


"Love Alan" necklace

"Mrs G Smith" necklace

"Love" bracelet

 "Love Always" pin

 "Deborah" necklace

 Cat drawing necklace


 "Judith" necklace


 "Love Mum" necklace

 "Lola" necklace

 "Love from mum" necklace

 And last but not least! A necklace that was created using a business logo!

Keep your eyes peeled for one of my absolute favourite children's drawing necklaces coming in a few weeks! (I have to wait for a special occasion to pass first!)

Phew! That was a lot of image uploading!! Thank you if you have had a nosey through them all.

Wishing all of my readers/ customers/ followers a very happy 2018!

Please feel free to comment below.

Daisy x


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