It's all about Indie Friday now guys!

Since posting last week’s blog about Black Friday I have had so much feedback from people, particularly fellow creative small business owners and to be frank, well and truly shocked at the positive reaction and the sheer number of people who are on board with the whole idea of #noblackfriday .

The photo below is made up of just a few fellow creative business owners who are also taking a stand and saying no to Black Friday. You can find their details at the end of this post.

I was nervous to share my last post, thinking that I might upset the small businesses who do take part, but have since discovered that actually, the ones that do take part don’t always want to. They do it because they absolutely have to, to make up for otherwise what would be lost profit, or perhaps after a not so great few months, and also in an attempt to compete with the big boys. It still doesn’t mean that they can really afford it, making so much less profit from a product than they really ought to considering that their items may well be handmade. But sometimes they don’t have a choice and need to make ends meet for their families.

Check out #campaignshopsmall on Instagram, started by Holly Tucker, founder of Not On The Highstreet.

And how could I not have thought to mention the whole notion of retailers inflating their prices (even just a couple of months before sale day) so that they can have a so-called ‘sale’. A lot of the bigger retailers do this, whereas us small fries would rather offer a more honest price year-round and so this is exactly why the smaller retailers can’t always have the big 40% off sale. Often with pieces being handmade also, like in my own business, we have to take into account things like the making time, skill, materials, packaging, answering emails, post office trips, the list goes on – we have to factor all of this into our prices. Offering this price to our customers instead of a hugely over-inflated price is fair to both the customers and our hard work.

I hope that this message helps to convey the real value of handmade and shopping local, shopping small. There are a host of campaigns around over the next couple of weeks that are in my opinion far more humbling and heart-warming than that of Black Friday.

Indie Friday is tomorrow, Friday 24th November. This is a campaign started by “Just A Card”. In case you’ve not heard of it, Just a Card is a campaign that was started to encourage people to support independent galleries, shops, designers and makers with the idea that if people had just bought a card from their shop they would still be in business. Tomorrow’s campaign #JACIndieFriday is for all artists, makers and independent shops. Do have a nosey on instagram tomorrow at the campaign, I know I will be!

Not forgetting that the following weekend, Saturday 2nd December is Small Business Saturday. This is a not-for-profit campaign that exists purely to support, inspire and promote small businesses both in the UK and US. This is a day to go and try out the smaller shops in town, and online the hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday will help you to discover lots of new small businesses selling and making all sorts of wonderful things.

So, when you start that Christmas shopping this weekend please do stop and think – am I falling for a trick? Is this really a good deal? And most of all – how does purchasing from this business really make me feel?

Happy shopping folks!

Daisy x

(P.S - I do have free UK shipping on my website, but that's all of the time, not for just one weekend! Hoorah!)


Look for these tags online: #JACIndieFriday

Learn more about the Just A Card campaign here:

Learn more about Small Business Saturday here:


The small business owners photographed above:

Made By Daisy:

Holly’s Lollies:

The Slabb:

Charlotte Bezzant Jewellery:

Zac and Lily:


Elm Tree Studio:

Mini Medley:

Spotty N Stripy:

Penny Lindop Designs:

Luke Drew This:

Altered Chic:

Twisted Twee:

Which Glasses Are Which:

Ant Design:

The Natural Gift Company:

Colour Me Fun:

Bakes Box:

Olifantjie Craft Blanks:

Milly and Pip:

A Kind Mama Vegan Bakery:

The Crafty Traveller:

From A to You:

Suzy Hackett UK:

Baba Box:

Bobby Loves Rosie:

Miss Bespoke Paper Cuts:

Devon Sun Yarns:

Kirsty Shaw:


China Betty:

The Oragami Boutique:

The White Bulb:

Marigold Charms:

Lovely Soap Company

Bottle Bazaar:

Brown Betty Blue:

Ink Paint Paper:

Kate Wimbush Jewellery:

Sweet Love Press

Homemade House:


Storm in a Teacup Jewellery: 

Special mention to Hold Upon Heart, who instead of taking money off they are donating a percentage of sales from the weekend to charity: