Special Occasions and Absent Loved Ones

Hello. I thought that I would just take a moment to shed some thoughts on special occasions and how they can feel not quite right really when someone special is absent from them. I am going to try to write this without naming any names because I think that it is far too personal, but at the same time feel that it should be talked about. 

On many occasions now it has been highlighted to me just how much a loved one is missed especially around special occasions such as a wedding day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries and more. It might sound a bit obvious I suppose, but every story that I come across from different customers, friends and family are all different because that person who is absent was different, in their own extremely special and unique way. 

I am by means no expert on the subject of grief, but I have experienced it myself and know full well that it never really goes away. It changes, and I suppose that you do learn to live with it. You treasure fond memories and carry them with you in your own mind for the rest of your life. 

Some people also choose to carry something physical that reminds them of that person. It could be many things - jewellery (the bit where I come into this), tattoos, something belonging to their loved one perhaps, a piece of art or a playlist of songs that remind you of that person. It really is whatever might help to bring you a little comfort - and at any point, not just during those first weeks or months, it runs much deeper than this. And there are all sorts of ideas of ways to remember and celebrate your loved ones at your wedding - I may write my next blog about this as I have come across a number of ways over the past few years. 

Image from Pinterest

I also want to say that it is ok if you don't feel like celebrating, whatever the milestone may be. They can be extremely difficult and you might want to spend it with your thoughts and not around people, or maybe around just a couple of very close friends or family and not have the big party that you might feel that everyone seems to expect. Perhaps you might feel that not everyone will understand your exact feelings at the time, but most likely they will have lost someone of their own and they will understand more than you probably realise.

Of course, life does go on and it has to. But it doesn't mean that you have to move on. I shared a TED talk by Nora McInerny recently on my Facebook page where she talks about this idea in such an honest and open way. I'll pop it below if you want to listen.


I hope that this might have been of some use to someone or at least been something that someone has agreed with. As I said, I am no expert on grief and I never really intended on my jewellery being mostly made for these reasons, but it is. It's just the way that things have gone for my business and I'm very happy that my work can bring a little comfort to some people. And I am always happy to listen when a customer comes to me with a story of their own about their loved one. Jewellery with great reasoning and story behind it is a real responsibility now for me and I am told time and time again just how much my work means to many people and for this I am ever greatful. 

Daisy x.