Bespoke Jewellery

About ordering your bespoke handwriting or drawing jewellery from Made By Daisy.

"I wish that my dad had left me a note..."
Sadly, I receive many messages that are along these lines. Well, maybe I can still help.
If you or perhaps someone else in your family has anything at all hand written by your loved one, I can more often than not piece the letters together for you to create your necklace, bracelet, pin, or bouquet charm!
I have been sent all sorts in the past - diary entries, birthday and Christmas cards, notebooks, granny's old recipe, old cheques and bank statements.

Bespoke handwriting jewellery
The "Fiona" necklace in the image here is a good example of this. The top left is the handwriting that I received from the customer, the bottom image is what I pieced together from it, and top right is the final result. No need to worry that it won't look right either as I always send a proof to be checked before I start working with my tiny saw.
Thinking caps on, what have you got hidden away?

How do I send the handwriting / drawing to you?

Firstly, either a scanned copy of the image or a good head-on clear photograph will be just fine. There is no need to post it to me (but if you don't have access to either a scanner or camera then this is definitely an option!)
There is an image upload button on each of the product listings that require an image. Simply click this and select your file. Your image(s) will then be added to your order.