Frame my handwriting order at a later date

Frame my handwriting order at a later date

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Following a number of requests I have introduced a service where you can post your Handwriting Bouquet charm, pin, or necklace back to me following your special occasion and I will frame it up for you. This is a perfect solution if you plan to only wear the piece once, perhaps on a wedding day and would love to have it displayed afterwards.

This process requires soldering alterations, different fixings, re-finishing and framing. The frames that I use are handmade by a fellow small business here in the UK and are available in either grey or white. Once framed the handwriting is not removable from the frame.

You can either add this service on to your order and a voucher will be issued with your order for you to gift to the recipient along with their bouquet charm, pin or necklace. Or you can choose to purchase this service at a later date.

Please see the frame product listing here for examples -