Bereavement in the Festive Season

To absent loved ones.

This Christmas, when you sit down to have Christmas dinner with family or friends, or meet up with an acquaintance in a pub for a festive drink, raise a glass to absent family members and friends. It may be someone who always used to come to Christmas dinner, or it may be your friend's loved one who is no longer with us. Whoever it may be, raise a glass to them. Talk about them. Remember them, and they will be with you in spirit and bring a little smile.  

I say this because often people don't like to raise the subject of absent loved ones in fear of not knowing what to say, or upsetting their friend. And I am not an expert on grief. I have however both experienced my own grief, and I do read around the subject as I find that it can help me to respond to the many customers who come to me during a time of their own grief. People will always be glad to talk of their loved one, to share stories about them, or even just to say that they are missed will mean an awful lot. Because then they are not only a memory in their own mind, they are someone special who is talked about and matters to someone other than just themselves. 

Links & Helplines

If you find this festive season difficult, there are various links and helplines available for bereavement support and advice. There are also some ideas on ways to remember your loved ones at Christmas.
The following are UK based:  Helpline: 0808 808 1677


Speak to you soon,

Daisy x

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