Daisy's Story

Hello, I'm Daisy

I graduated from The Arts University Bourenmouth with a Modelmaking degree amidst the recession of 2009. Whist looking for work in this highly specialised industry I took a job in a toy shop where I was always on the checkout because I was known to be chatty and friendly with the customers, which I get to enjoy online now in my jewellery business! 

I soon landed my dream job at Aardman Animation Studios in Bristol where I worked on the puppets, finishing and painting them to the highest spec, which is something else that has lead me to the work that I do now as the detail and getting the handwriting right really is everything. 

Sadly despite thoroughly enjoying my time at Aardman, the work that I was doing impacted my yet undiagnosed hypermobility and caused severe RSI in my wrists and hands. I took the heartbreaking decision to leave in order to heal, and returned home to my parents in Staffordshire.

After many months of rest my dextrity and creativity gradually returned. I began making jewellery as a self-taught silversmith, transferring the skills that I had learnt from model making in a new direction. This time working for myself meant that I could prioritise the care of my wrists, which is essential to my capacity to do the work that I love and give my customers the best possible service. 

Mum's necklace, her late twin brother's signature.

I launched my first online shop on Etsy in 2011, with my very first handwriting necklace in 2013 (in my own handwriting). Soon after, a custom order request began my personalised handwriting adventure! I was asked by a father to make his child's handwriting into a necklace as a gift for his wife.

This inspired me to create what has become a very special necklace for my own mum, in her late twin brother's handwriting. Mum calls it her "suit of armor" and wears it to special occasions. She even wore it to my wedding, because he should have been there. It meant a lot to us all as a family that mum wore that necklace that day. And so I really do understand the significance and importance of the work that I do. This one necklace alone has given me a real insight into what my work means to my customers, and I love that I can make such special keepsakes for people for this very reason.

My mum, wearing her "suit of armor" on my wedding day.

This aspect quickly developed into my specialist area. The pieces are deeply satisfying to make and its an honour to share such precious memories with families wishing to create a lasting connection with their loved ones through my jewellery and memorial pieces. 

My husband Pat, and our daughter Frankie.

I now live with my husband and our daughter and dog, and I work from my home studio in Staffordshire. You can generally find my dog Charlie curled up beneath my work bench or packing table. Together we cover all aspects of my small business from answering emails to making, packing and admin. Charlie’s favourite has to be the walks to the post office and the treats that he gets when he’s (hopefully) patiently waiting in the queue. My business is certainly now more of a juggle since my daughter came along, and being able to adapt my business to fit in with our family life just means the absolute world to us as a family.

I have to pinch myself because I love my job, and although I know that I didn’t get to this point by luck but by hard work, I still feel very lucky.


Charlie - Made By DaisyOur dog, Charlie (or "R Dodge" (our dog), as Frankie calls him)

I have become a real advocate of supporting small businesses and like to shop small where possible. I know first-hand how much it means to a small business owner to have someone order from you and to email you when they receive it because they are so happy with your handmade product.

Please do have a browse of my shop and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or just fancy a chat.

Daisy x