About Daisy

Hello. Thanks for dropping by. I’m Daisy, the one in the photo with my fruit tea and happily surrounded by tools in my studio. I’ve only more recently become a Harry Potter fan (late to the game I know!), although I am partial to a Stephen King thriller! Weigh that one up. I’m a tea and biscuit lover (both ‘normal’ tea and fruit teas), I enjoy dog walks in the countryside, am passionate about the value of handmade, like to be warm by the fireplace that my husband built and is rightfully proud of, I love to explore craft fairs and shops and discover new makers, and I like making our house a nice place to be.

Made By Daisy Jeweller

Jewellery making is a real love of my life, after of course my husband Pat and my dog Charlie. I am a self-taught jeweller with a background in model making. My Modelmaking degree skills came in useful when I started Made By Daisy in 2011 by making resin jewellery, mould making and casting. I made and sold my first silver handwriting necklace back in 2013 and have been making and developing my range of handwriting jewellery and home ware ever since.

Charlie - Made By Daisy

I work from my home studio in Staffordshire with Charlie generally either curled up beneath my work bench or packing table. Together we cover all aspects of my small business from answering emails to making, packing and admin. Charlie’s favourite has to be the walks to the post office and the treats that he gets when he’s (hopefully) patiently waiting in the queue. I largely get to spend my days making jewellery which I love and tend to get quite lost in the process, and I now know how much my jewellery means to people and that will always keep me going. I have to pinch myself because I love my job, and although I know that I didn’t get to this point by luck but by hard work, I still feel very lucky.

I have become a real advocate of supporting small businesses and like to shop small where possible. I know first-hand how much it means to a small business owner to have someone order from you and to email you when they receive it because they are so happy with your handmade product.

Please do have a browse of my online shop and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or just fancy a chat.

Daisy x