About Daisy

"Hello! I'm Daisy - well that is what everyone calls me anyway, so please, call me Daisy! I live with my husband on the Staffordshire - Derbyshire border and work from my home studio. Usually BBC 6 music keeps me company while I'm hidden away in there!

I have come to specialise in making people's loved one's handwriting and children's drawings into special keepsake jewellery, after originally training and working as a model maker. I have always had an interest in jewellery making and was completely torn between that and modelmaking when it came to choosing my degree, funny how things turned out!

It was some time after we lost my uncle that I created a necklace for my mum of his - her twin brother's handwriting - using self taught silversmith and jewellery making skills that came quite naturally to me after years of modelmaking.

I have since developed a real love for creating such special keepsake jewellery for people to treasure. Quite often my handwriting jewellery is a memorial piece and when I hear of how much they mean to people it makes my job all the more worth while.

I love to hear the stories that go with your orders and so please do drop me a message when you place your order!

Daisy x "