Jewellery Sizing

Necklace lengths

16" necklace sit around collar length and 18" slightly beneath. 18" is generally the most popular length and my recommended length for both handwriting and drawing necklaces.

20" is also an available option.

As a general rule, I only recommend the 14" chain for a chain that is to be worn by a child.


Bracelet sizing

You can measure for a bracelet by loosely looping a piece of string around your wrist.

Small - 17cm

Medium - 19cm

Large - 21cm


Bangle sizing

To measure for a bangle place your thumb flat across the palm of the same hand (as if you were putting a bangle on) and measure around the widest part of your hand.

Small - 19cm

Medium - 21cm

Large - 23cm


Ring sizing

All rings made by Made By Daisy are made to UK ring sizes.

When measuring for a ring please be aware that your fingers do change size slightly throughout the day due to the temperature and physical activity.

The most accurate way to get your ring size is to call into a local jeweller. Alternatively you can order a ring sizing plastic belt via our website.

If you find that your ring purchase from Made By Daisy is not a perfect fit you can return it for a re-size or exchange - this will be subject to postage charges.



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