Memorial Jewellery

Hello there. First of all, I suppose that you have come to this page because you have suffered a loss of a loved one. Whether it was recent or a long time ago, I am truly sorry for your loss and know how difficult it can be losing someone close to you.

One thing that I have come to learn over the years that I have been making my customer’s loved ones handwriting into jewellery is that it can bring them a great sense of comfort during those darker times. It can be difficult sometimes for me to find the words when a customer does get in touch and tells me of their recent loss. I suppose that there really are no words. If I can make you something that will bring a little comfort then that is something very special and I would really love to make you something.

handmade handwriting jewellery

I specialise in hand-sawing (piercing in the jewellery world) your loved ones handwriting from silver or gold sheet and creating a truly unique piece of jewellery from it especially for you. You will not have to choose from any jewellery shapes that have been mass produced by a machine in China. My work is completely made by hand in my home studio and doesn’t involve lasers or the like either. I firmly believe that jewellery that is so special as this deserves the time, care and attention of being lovingly handmade. Cutting the handwriting out letter by letter is a slow process, pieces often taking a couple of days to complete. But this is what I love to do, many jewellers think that I’m a bit mad if I’m honest! But I love piercing and I love that my work can help to bring a little comfort to my customers too. I just really don’t think that handwriting jewellery that is engraved by a machine has the same amount of love, care and attention put into it. And my customers return to me time and time again for this very reason.

loss of grandmother jewellery

Your piece of jewellery can be tailored entirely to you. Often customers will be happy to choose an “off the shelf” product which is more like a list of ideas in my online shop, because every piece is so unique. But sometimes customers will request extra things, which is actually how I ended up developing my handwriting necklace into a layered handwriting necklace which incorporates two piece of writing on two different layers within the necklace. And since developing this other customers have requested the layered handwriting necklace with additional hearts with birthdates on and birthstone charms too. If you would like a product that is listed in my online store then great, but if you would like to add something then this is more often than not something that I can make happen.

two pieces of handwriting necklace

Another product that I have developed off the back of customer feedback is my framed sterling silver handwriting. Often I would receive messages asking for something special for someone who doesn’t wear jewellery and I developed the framed handwriting from this. And so it is still very special, hand crafted and a real keepsake. The frames I have had handmade by a fellow small business here in the UK and they really are lovely little wooden frames. I would never even outsource something like this to a factory in China!

memorial of mother gift

I have worked with handwriting from all sorts of documents: old birthday cards, a diary, grandmother’s old recipe, a signature on an old cheque, you never know what you might find. And if the words that you wanted on your piece of jewellery aren’t all there on the document that you have – so long as the letters are all there I can piece them together for you to create those meaningful words. And I will always happily send you a proof to check over before I go ahead and make your jewellery too. All that I need is a photograph of the handwriting and we can take it from there. There is no need to post the original to me, you hang on to that and keep it somewhere safe. You can add up to four photographs of the handwriting when you place an order which is ideal if you have multiple documents.

Memorial necklace

I would love to hand craft you something special that will bring some comfort in these rubbish times. Please have a look through my handwriting collection here and do get in touch I would love to chat.

Daisy x.